We will be posting videos of our babies from time to time to let people into the WONDERFUL WORLD of UNBELIEVABULL FRENCHIES. These dogs are like no other and have such great personalities that a picture just can’t show. So here’s a glimpse of the day and the life of a UNBELIEVABULL FRENCHIE!!!!! ENJOY AND THANKS FOR STOPPING BY

Pitfall Kennel’s Presents Unbelievabullies

Pitfall Kennel’s has expanded it’s brand to beautiful rare and exotic color French and English bulldogs. Here’s a sneak peak of some blue frenchie pups we produced.

UNbelievabull Bulldogs Pups

Riley the Bulldog sharing kisses with Scarlet the Frenchie.

UNbelievabull Bulldogs!

Cute chubby pups off of Bane and Bailey


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Rosie and Racks put is down with that last litter. Here's a lil sneak peak of my keepers Lenny the Lilac and Sky Bleu. It just keeps getting better and better at the Unbelievabull Bulldogs Compound.
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No this is not one of those cool ads where they use a frenchie as a prop to sell a cool product. This is actually @hashtaglefrenchie doing what he does best. Being spoiled out of this world up in the BIG CITY... love this shot. Thanks for the update. He's one of Racks and Rosie's babies.
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Crazy eye separation on this lil Beauty from Capone and Lola's litter. Hazeline X Bullseye
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Just one of the chunky Black and Tan girls from our Koba and Marvel litter. They are really starting t to look like something special can't wait to see them at 6 weeks old. #blackandtanfrenchie

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