Clean Happy Puppies

Sometimes puppies don’t care if they are clean, but their owners certainly do. We use and recommend the salt free Big Boi and Bobbi shampoo from Pitfall Kennels  It doesn’t dry out the skin and smells fresh much longer than traditional shampoos.

Big Boi and Bobbi came together out of love for their pets. Big cared for strays, eventually opening Pitfall Kennels with his brother James. Bobbi started a successful shampoo brand out of love for her blind dog, Bobo. Together they bring you these fabulous products tor the love of your best friend!


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This custom line uses hand-picked essential oils to solve your pet’s specific skin and fur issues. Highly concentrated for 2x more washes, our salt free, tear free, custom formulas rinse and dry in half the time!


Big Boi and Bobbi proudly introduce their salt free, tear free custom formulas in two distinctive lines: Big Boi and Bobbi dog shampoo and Big & Bobbi dog shampoo. Big Boi and Bobbi dog shampoo solves specific problems, is highly concentrated, comes in 10 oz and is offered in six distinctive products; Purify, Calm, Restore, Invigorate, Hydrate and Scrumptious. Big & Bobbi dog shampoo comes in a 12 oz bottle, is also salt free and tear free and is offered in Wild & Fresh, Smooth & Silky, Strong & Gentle, Touch & Swanky and Cool & Chic.

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