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How Pet Financing Works:

We are known for our Unbelievable French and English Bulldogs, now we have made financing available so you can adopt your puppy today! It’s easy to get started and we don’t charge anything for the service! It takes 5 minutes to apply so get started now!


Just a lil visuals for this good Saturday Evening!! Enjoy... Ox and Bella’s babies. 😍
Kabookie (aka Doll Face!!!) 😍
Boy is Solid!!! Boosie’s Boy 💪🏾💪🏾
This lil guy got a pretty dope look to him 👽👽👽!!! Bella and Ox baby
Baby hippo form a last litter off Molly X Toro!! Man I’m missing that boy. A
2 new additions from Ox and Bella’s litter but still haven’t come up with names for either yet.. 🤔
Our boy Ox has made his mark her at Unbelievable Bulldogs as a prime producer. He’s a triple carrier and is able to create every color Merle possible from blue to chocolate to lilacs and even tri’s. Here are just are some of his pups he’s produced so far. He’s open for stud so feel free to contact us if your interested in adding a little flavor to your program.
Saturday Mood!!!! Just got a update on these 2 love birds Boomer and Lola from @chipsha (Same chair. Same ugly towels.  Different times but love fest going strong.  Couples goals right there ❤️😂) gotta love these 2. 😂😂😂
Baby Rezzi Bleu posing for that pic while Sophia the great granny ( her momma’s momma momma ) watches over her in the background 😍😍.
A happy hopping puppy for your Happy Friday!!! #tgif
World Wide Rezzi!! RepostBy @therealbigboi: "“ Rezzi “ #Frenchie" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)
Baby Rezzi Bleu’!!

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